The Workforce Engagement Equation

Proven solutions that shows you how to measure employee engagement

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6 Team Diagnostic Reports


Team Building through game play – strategic team engagement session


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TheWEQ is your simple solution to success

TheWEQ has helped companies of every shape and size

There was such value in the tools and guidance provided to navigate our small company through an exercise in organizational assessment. The results of the evaluation combined with professional advice gave focus to our strategic planning and insights into organizational improvement. 

Sharon B. VP of Operations, ACEware Systems


“I have experienced more progress changing the culture in the two years since we started applying the TheWEQ than I have seen in the past 25 years with the company. The statistics really support the process.”– Nick W. Manager, CSX

“I just want to let you know the training was a great success. The team is working hard this week on the ‘take aways’ from the class. Everyone has been talking about how it brought them together as a team and they are working in groups to accomplish all the tasks. I believe with the skills you taught us we will be successful once the line is installed and up and running.”

Mike R. Process Leader, Orchids Paper

“In my 20+ years as an HR professional, I have seen many “solutions” that tell leaders “What” they can do to improve organizational effectiveness; only TheWEQ provides the “What” as well as the “How” to achieve organizational effectiveness and efficiency.”

Mike M. Senior HR Business Partner, Dominion Energy

4 Steps to Achieving Team Success

Step 1: Have a team health check-up

Clearly understand how your team is doing

  1. Is everyone clear on the mission and priorities?
  2. Does the team climate inspire trust and engagement?
  3. Are communications effectively aligning and coordinating the team?
  4. Are systems effective and efficient?

Step 2: Make a plan

  1. Have a team meeting to discuss and prioritizeDo the results make sense – any surprises?Select one or two things to improve over the next quarter

Step 3: Work the plan

  1. Work on the things you decided togetherEveryone pitches in & Everyone benefits

Step 4: Check on your progress

  1. Measure your progress with a quick check-upAre you on track?  Are there any course corrections needed?

Give everyone on your team a voice!

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Before you can find the answers, you have to ask the right Questions

Multiple factors must be sequenced and managed consistently to create and sustain high performance organizations – TheWEQ simplifies the process giving you consistent, measurable results that benefit the bottom line.

Online Assessments

TheWEQ online assessments quickly and easily gather input confidentially from every employee at every level giving everyone a voice

Employee Engagement Software: The assessments are quick and simple to administer, comprehensive, and completely anonymous that shows you how to measure employee engagement

Concise Reporting

TheWEQ reports identify gaps within the elements essential for organizational effectiveness and team development.

Run follow up reports to determine the effectiveness of your interventions and the impact of individual managers and team leads.


TheWEQ Practitioner’s Guide

It’s not enough to just identify the needs

Each element of TheWEQ report is cross-referenced to a Practitioner’s Handbook that gives concise explanations – great for leadership development and mentoring

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Project Planning Templates

TheWEQ comes complete with a Managers Toolkit that contains customizable project plans, tools, and templates that equip your team for success

Propel your organization higher!