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BENEFIT THE BOTTOM LINE: Multiple factors must be sequenced and managed consistently to create and sustain high performance organizations – TheWEQ simplifies the process giving you consistent, measurable results

Online Assessments

4 Steps to a Healthy Team:

Step 1: Have a check-up

Clearly understand how your team is doing

  1. Is everyone clear on goals and roles?
  2. Does the team climate inspire trust and engagement?
  3. Are communications effective in aligning and coordinating the team?

Step 2: Make a plan

  1. Discuss: do the results make sense – any surprises?
  2. Prioritize: select one or two things to improve over the next quarter
  3. Analyze: are systems effective/efficient or are they burdens to be overcome??
  4. Do incentives reward bad behavior?

Step 3: Work the plan

  1. Work together: Everyone pitches in & Everyone benefits
  2. Utilize adaptive leadership and project based learning

Step 4: Check your progress

  1. Rapid reassessments: are you on track?
  2. Make course corrections as needed utilizing improvisational change 


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TheWEQ online assessments quickly and easily gather input confidentially from every employee at every level

Employee Engagement Software: The assessments are quick and simple to administer, comprehensive, and completely anonymous that shows you how to measure employee engagement

Concise Reporting

TheWEQ reports identify gaps within the elements essential for organizational effectiveness and team development.

Run follow up reports to determine the effectiveness of your interventions and the impact of individual managers and team leads.

TheWEQ Practitioner’s Guide

It’s not enough to just identify the needs

Each element of TheWEQ report is cross-referenced to a Practitioner’s Handbook that gives concise explanations – great for leadership development and mentoring

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Project Planning Templates

TheWEQ comes complete with a Managers Toolkit that contains customizable project plans, tools, and templates that equip your team for success

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6 Team Diagnostic Reports


Team Building through game play – strategic team engagement session


One year of access for follow up surveys and reports 


* Assessments and reports for up to 20 Team Members;
Separate travel charges may apply