Proven to increase organizational health and workforce engagement

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Get rapid results when we help you solve the Workforce Engagement Equation (TheWEQ)

BENEFIT THE BOTTOM LINE: Multiple factors must be sequenced and consistently managed to create and sustain high performance teams – TheWEQ simplifies the process giving you consistent, measurable results

Step 1: Have a check-up

TheWEQ utilizes online assessments to identify opportunities to accelerate your team. 

We’ll help your team interpret the results to determine areas that are creating friction and confusion.

  1. Is everyone clear on goals and roles?
  2. Does the team climate inspire trust and engagement?
  3. Are communications effective in aligning and coordinating the team?

TheWEQ online assessments quickly and easily gather input confidentially from every team member.  The assessments are simple to administer, comprehensive, and completely anonymous.

Step 2: Host a Team Development & Training Session

A skilled facilitator will lead a FUN and INTERACTIVE alignment session.

  1. Discuss: do the results make sense – any surprises?
  2. Prioritize: the team aligns around one or two focus areas

Step 3: Work the plan

  1. Work together: Everyone pitches in & Everyone benefits
  2. Utilize adaptive leadership and project based learning

Step 4: Check your progress

  1. A year’s worth of reports help you measure progress


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