Smooth sailing from “me” to “WE”; chart your team’s course with TheWEQ!

The Workforce Engagement Equation clearly charts your path to higher performing teams!

No matter what your organization does, your people are your greatest assets and your number one competitive advantage.

The extent to which they are engaged with your business objectives determines your success.

TheWEQ has helped companies of every shape and size improve team performance.

“I have experienced more progress changing the culture in the two years since we started applying the TheWEQ than I have seen in the past 25 years with the company. The statistics really support the process.”

– Nick W. Manager, CSX

TheWEQ’s 5 stage methodology builds community & engagement;

Chart your team’s journey to success!

  • Do you know if your top performers are planning on leaving?
  • Are you aware of how employees see their supervisors?
  • Are there unresolved conflicts simmering below the surface?
  • Do you know if your teams actually consider the customers?
  • Does your new employee orientation program actually work?
  • Do people see a future with your organization?
  • Do your employees trust you?

Find the answers to these questions and real world solutions with TheWEQ

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SENSE: Measure what matters

You measure your revenue, your expenses, your quality; do you measure engagement?

TheWEQ assessment engine measure the organizational maturity of teams, departments, divisions, and your entire company.

You’ll gain insight into the 50 critical elements of organizational success.

Measure your growth throughout the year to see if your efforts are having the desire result.

Let data inform your leadership!

Our research has shown the health and maturity of any team or organization depends upon the effectiveness of 50 essential elements.  Use the Assessment Engine and Reports to cut through the fog to gain a comprehensive view of your organization’s health and maturity.  Grow your Organizational Intelligence (OQ) to consistently respond effectively.

TheWEQ Assessment Engine

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INTERPRET: Recognize patterns of organizational maturity

Effective managers understand the patterns of development for organizations, teams, and individuals.  They connect the dots quickly and accurately and respond to create alignment and engagement. They understand The Workforce Engagement Equation!

TheWEQ Practitioner’s Guide

TheWEQ Practitioner’s Guide contains easy to understand soltuions to complex organizational issues.

The systematic approach teaches critical thinking and problem solving building your Organizational Intelligence (OQ)

TheWEQ cross-references your custom reports to the handbook

The Manager’s Tool Kit contains project plans, tools, and templates.

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Each Element of Organizational Success refers directly to the page in TheWEQ Practitioner’s Guide

Give your team the edge using TheWEQ Suite of solutions !

TheWEQ Solutions


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RESPOND: Communicate clearly to inspire engagement and commitment

TheWEQ provides project plans and tools you can customize for your teams.

Apply the science of systems thinking to the art of leadership and organizational management.

TheWEQ ClassroomTheWEQ enables you to analyze and understand all the elements that influence behavior in any situation and lead your team to higher levels of performance.

Training and Support

Expert advice, training programs, seminars, certification programs, and a train the trainer program are available to help.

Training & Classes


Propel your organization higher!