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Critical thinking and the ability to navigate change depends upon your ability to:

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SENSE: Comprehensive diagnostics increase your Organizational Intelligence

Composite Matrix Report Lower Summary Color CorrectedOur research has shown the health and maturity of any team or organization depends upon the effectiveness of 50 essential elements.  Use the Assessment Engine and Reports to cut through the fog to gain a comprehensive view of your organization’s health and maturity.  Grow your Organizational Intelligence (OQ) to consistently respond effectively.

Differentiate yourself with data!

TheWEQ Assessment Engine


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INTERPRET: Recognize and understand the patterns of organizational maturity

Effective managers understand the patterns of development for organizations, teams, and individuals.  They connect the dots quickly and accurately and respond to create alignment and engagement. They understand The Workforce Engagement Equation!

WES’ suite of solutions teaches critical thinking and problem solving using proven methodology of Comprehensive Organizational Management contained in the practitioner’s guide The WORKFORCE ENGAGEMENT EQUATION

TheWEQ is a field guide and reference manual of the 50 elements of organizational effectiveness.

The Manager’s Tool Kit contains project plans, tools, and templates.


Give your team the edge using WES’ Suite of solutions !

WES Solutions


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RESPOND: Communicate clearly to inspire engagement and commitment

Let WES be your partner mentoring your teams to apply the science of systems thinking to the art of leadership and lean management.

TheWEQ ClassroomComprehensive Organizational Management combines systems thinking with behavioral economics. Systemic changes enable formation of effective teams and improvements in organizational performance. COM enables leaders to analyze and understand all the elements that influence behavior in any situation and navigate their teams to higher levels of performance.

WES training programs, seminars, certification programs, and a train the trainer program teach leaders to manage and managers to lead.

Propel your organization higher!

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