What is The Workforce Engagement Equation (TheWEQ)?

Reaching your destination is only possible charting a course from where you are to where you want to be. Leaders need vision to look ahead empowering teams to take the next step. TheWEQ is the leader’s roadmap. Navigation of each stage requires impactful leadership and effective management.


TheWEQ is a Practitioner’s Guide to Creating and Sustaining High Performance

Built by and for practitioners, TheWEQ provides solutions that elevate you over the competition.

Thriving organizations don’t spontaneously form and successful organizations don’t endure without inspirational leadership, operational systems and technologies, and solid business acumen woven together with effective management – these are essential elements of organizational intelligence (OQ). The Workforce Engagement Equation (TheWEQ) boosts your OQ.

TheWEQ provides a unifying methodology for Comprehensive Organizational Management (COM™) that combines intuitive organizational diagnostics, clear guiding principles, effective techniques, useful tools, and concise project plans that equip leaders to effectively manage their organizations consistently through the five stages of organizational maturity.

Field tested, learn how TheWEQ can transform your goals into repeatable and measurable results.