Guidebook & Toolkit

The Workforce Engagement Equation Practitioners’ Guide & Project Toolkit CD


Don’t wait for lightning to strike twice – learn how to spark the fire of engagement and productivity in every team and throughout your entire organization.

Have you ever been part of a team or group where everything “clicked”… part of something special where you felt engaged and empowered? You were part of a heathy organization where you thrived!

You can have that experience again applying The Workforce Engagement Equation.

Creating and sustaining healthy organizations requires “organizations intelligence”
The Workforce Engagement Equation boosts your Organizational Intelligence (OQ) enabling you to create and sustain healthy organizations of every size and every type.


WES-bullet-image Explains the 50 Elements essential for growing and sustaining healthy teams
WES-bullet-image Presents methods that can be applied to any organization in any situation
WES-bullet-image Provides guidance in how to build systems and implement performance metrics
WES-bullet-image Offers solutions to real-world problems
WES-bullet-image Combines key concepts from multiple disciplines
WES-bullet-image Contains a project toolkit in TheWEQ Companion CD

An essential companion and desktop reference for TheWEQ Assessments

  • Cross-referenced by element and page to TheWEQ Assessments
  • Turn directly to the concise explanations and tools that provide solutions

  • Ideal for teaching and mentoring – use the book to maximize the teachable moments

Companion CD – Project Toolkit

Every craftsman needs good tools. TheWEQ companion CD contains the e-copies of the assessments, project plans, templates, and tools described in the book. Use them as is or customize them for your needs.


The Workforce Engagement Equation is for the hands-on leaders engaged in the frontline of affecting change—those who bear the scars of past failed initiatives yet continue to persevere. Describing the science behind the “Art of Managing” process improvement, it will help you bridge the gap between strategy and tactics and allow you to take concrete action to control ongoing operations sustainably.

This step-by-step guide lays out the principles, tools, and techniques that have proven effective in leading and managing the “people side” of process improvement. The book demystifies the complexity of organizational change with easy-to-understand explanations, intuitive graphics, and real-world examples. Filled with helpful practical knowledge, such as the Seven Cardinal Sins of Change Leadership, it will help you assess exactly where your organization is along the change continuum and what actions will help propel your organization to higher levels of organizational effectiveness.

WES-bullet-image Presents methods that can be applied in any organization and situation
WES-bullet-image Supplies guidance on how to build systems and implement performance metrics
WES-bullet-image Offers solutions to real-world problems
WES-bullet-image Integrates powerful concepts from multiple disciplines

Aiding your ability to select and apply effective management and leadership techniques that will work best in your situation, The Workforce Engagement Equation provides you with the tools to make a difference in the performance of your organization and the engagement of your workforce. To help you construct your own organizational vessel and navigate the murky waters of organizational change, the text includes a CD with each assessment, form, template, and example project plan contained in the book.


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