Heroes needed – apply within

An Invitation to Join TheWEQ Community of Practice

We Need Heroes

To many, the idea of a hero is passe. Our entertainment is filled with “Anti-Heroes” and every day the media shares another story where someone entrusted to lead betrays their responsibilities, sacrificing a greater good for quick profits. Amid the cynicism, organizations strive to inspire engagement of the workforce while security and benefits are cut, jobs are outsourced, and factories are closed. For some, integrity is relative; one company we worked with believed “excessive honesty” was a limiting factor that would impede an employee’s upward potential.

So are the days of “Voluntary Virtue” gone? Do people still do the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do? We believe if we join together our best days are ahead. Investing in ourselves begins with investing in each other. When we build strong and cohesive organizational meritocracies, we build a sustainable future – the future we want for our grandchildren – it begins with a desire to make a roadmap, guidebook, and foundational plan to help organization’s thrive. Our aspiration is to create a vast community of practice of worthy people striving every day to make their corners of the world a better place.

We invite you to join TheWEQ Community of Practice – in return for your trust we will endeavor to inspire, to teach, to entertain, encourage, and to empower practitioners to grow healthy, thriving organizations and communities.

“Be the Change you Wish to see the world.” Mahatma Gandhi