FAQs about TheWEQ

FAQs about TheWEQ

How can TheWEQ methodology benefit me and my organization?

TheWEQ is a field tested and proven methodology and toolkit of Comprehensive Organizational Management (COM) that helps leaders manage every aspect of their organization including the human elements, systems, processes, and technology.  COM is proven to improve and sustain.  Based upon the work published in The Workforce Engagement Equation: Creating and Sustaining High Performance©, TheWEQ guides you step-by-step through the science behind the people side of process improvement.  Unlike others, the TheWEQ is for practitioner’s that bridges the gap so that plans and strategies are efficiently converted into tactics and outcomes. COM contains rapid assessments to help you determine your organization’s health and maturity.  Increasing your OQ with leadership techniques and management tools allow you to navigate to higher levels of performance by sparking the flames of workforce engagement that will sustain .your gains in a turbulent global economy.

Is TheWEQ effective for any size organization or just big companies?

The need for effective teamwork is almost universal regardless of the organization’s size or focus. Comprehensive Organizational Management helps you understand how and why groups of individuals transform into cohesive teams. Whether you are a fortune 500 company, a professional firm, a small business, faith-based, or a nonprofit organization, if you want to improve how to work with people and get others to work together, TheWEQ will work for you.

Can existing organizations benefit from TheWEQ?

Absolutely! It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together as an organization it is always possible to improve. TheWEQ assessments, practitioner’s guide, and toolkit help you assess existing organizations and diagnose elements that may be insufficient, inconsistently applied, or missing altogether. Once it’s understood what is needed TheWEQ tools, templates, and leadership and management techniques can be applied to improve the organization whether it is newly formed or has been in operation for decades.

Does TheWEQ actually improve the success rate of change initiatives?

Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets – so, you get what you got because there are driving and restraining forces that hold the system in equilibrium – and there are dozens of variable forces at work: amount of crew support and engagement, leader involvement and support, limited resources, amount and effectiveness of communication, competing initiatives, and changing priorities. Change one and others react and respond in sometimes unexpected ways that often lead to “unintended consequences”. By taking TheWEQ’s systematic and holistic approach to organizational management that combines performance indicators with prescriptive project plans, templates, leadership techniques, and management tools you can quickly chart the direction of your organization and make course corrections along the way to navigate your way to higher performance and sustain your success.

What are the benefits of joining TheWEQ Community of Practice?

When you are neck deep in throes of running your organizational, process improvement, and meeting the shifting demands of customers and stakeholders it can feel overwhelming, frustrating, and almost insurmountable.  Becoming a member of TheWEQ Community of Practice helps you tap into the wisdom of the community.

Basic membership connects you to the community of users. Blog posts discuss various topics and questions posed by the community. You can ask questions within the forum or search topics that are relevant to your current situation. Stay connected and help others by sharing your experiences and insights.  Being a member of our community keeps you connected and provides a regular source of insight and inspiration.

Will TheWEQ help me if I’m not in charge?

Knowledge is power. When you improve your OQ with TheWEQ you’ll understand the drivers and restrainers of your current organization and enables you to apply systems thinking to situations to better affect positive outcomes regardless of your position, title, or span of control. TheWEQ is packed with beneficial knowledge that will help regardless of your position, seniority, or title.