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TheWEQ Training Programs

  • Five Spheres of CompetencyComprehensive Organizational Management is the proven applied methodology
    • Combines “systems thinking” with behavioral economics
  • Learn to analyze organization’s effectiveness as it reflects on a performance continuum
  • Understand when to apply targeted tools and techniques to improve group’s performance, regardless of size or purpose Improves each of the Five Spheres of Competence©

A brief synopsis of each public program is listed below.

In addition to public offerings, all programs are also available as onsite training to individual companies – contact WES to get more information.

Introduction to Comprehensive Organizational Management

This interactive course is ideal preparing employees to work collaboratively as a team. The Intro to Comprehensive Organizational Management (COM) is a half day seminar that introduces participants to a common language they can use to communicate effectively and partner with managers and supervisors as they collaborate diagnosing the organizational gaps and partner to design and implement real world solutions. Organizational benefits include increases in engagement, alignment, and reduction in fragmentation of organizations

Comprehensive Organizational Management for Managers and Supervisors

This one-day seminar is ideal to improve the effectiveness and impact of managers and supervisors. The fast paced program engages your management team and elevates their ability to not just react to organizational needs, but to understand the root causes of lower performance and implement just in time strategies that get rapid and sustainable results. The session includes playing the COM Game™ – that introduces fun competition into your management team that helps participants retain what they’ve learned. The session culminates in a project planning session where participants begin to map out the strategies to apply their skills elevating their organization to higher levels of performance.

Strategically Build Your Organizational Intelligence

HRCI accredited continuing educational credit for this 1/2 day seminar. 3.50 hours BUSINESS/STRATEGIC CREDITS!

Sponsoring Organizational Transformation

Program for executives and senior leaders learn the principles of COM and the essentials of taking their organization to higher levels of performance. They learn how to interpret the TheWEQ assessments and strategies and tactics required to take their organization to higher performance and sustain the gains year after year. The session keeps things fast and lively playing the COM Game™

Comprehensive Organizational Management Certification

TheWEQ’s 5-day deep dive into Comprehensive Organizational Management (COM) prepares managers to lead. The intense four days of instruction culminates with taking the certification exam on the 5th day. Due to the fast pace of this course, this program is intended for supervisors / managers who have had both training and experience. The following table outlines the recommended prerequisites for becoming COM Certified:


Upon successful completion managers will be prepared to administer and interpret TheWEQ assessments, recognize and respond appropriately to the individual and organizational indicators of effective and ineffective organizational management and understand when, where, and how to utilize management tools, techniques, strategies, and tactics.


The 5-day certification program uses TheWEQ’s real world Comprehensive Organizational Management methodology and tools. Managers will gain deeper insight and skill leading organizations to higher levels of performance. Successful graduates become certified in the TheWEQ methodology, which builds their competency implementing Comprehensive Organizational Management for their own organizations.

Only Certified practitioners can administer and evaluate TheWEQ assessments to help organizations understand the culture, engagement, and effectiveness of organizations during all phases of organizational development. They know which tools are most impactful for each stage of development and how to guide struggling organizations towards higher performance.

Train-the-Trainer Program for Affiliates and Internal Facilitators

Become certified to deliver TheWEQ COM seminars and facilitate organizational implementation of the TheWEQ Methodology. The T-t-T program is available to Certified COM practitioners and affiliates who have completed the TheWEQ COM Certification course and passed the certification exam. Once certified, TheWEQ COM Trainers can conduct seminars for their clients locally and in partnership with WES.