The Workforce Engagement Equation

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Are you fighting fires while being inundated by a storm of information demanding your attention?

If only there were an easy way to know what your organization needs based on data not guesswork

– WES has an APP for that! –

Without timely feedback and intuitive tools to identify, measure, and prioritize, your time coping with the latest crisis pushes other mission critical tasks to the back burner until they erupt into the next crisis.

TheWEQ cuts through the clutter and gives you a clear view of your organization’s health and maturity. These custom-configured windows can be opened to view results by team, shift, department, location, or the entire company. These Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help prioritize your investments of time, money, and human capital increasing your positive outcomes.

Much more than single dimension assessments of strengths, personality, or employee satisfaction. TheWEQ covers 50 essential factors that determine the health and maturity of your organization – everything from communications to customer relations, meetings to succession planning, training to benchmarking – every facet of organizational effectiveness and employee engagement are assessed, scored, and cross-referenced by page number to the Practitioner’s Guide for easy reference, training, and mentoring. For more information on purchasing The Workforce Engagement Equation Book and CD, please click here.